best homemade healthy hot chocolate
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The Best Homemade Healthy Hot Chocolate

Homemade healthy hot chocolate because what else do you want to drink on those chilly winter days cozied up inside.

During the winter one thing that I truly enjoy sipping on is a nice warm cup of homemade hot chocolate. I am not sure why but for me it just makes the season!

Where I live it rains more than it snows. I love grabbing a cup of this homemade hot chocolate and cuddling up on the couch with a cozy blanket watching the rain fall while sipping away. For me, it is one of the best ways for time to pass in the winter.

How to make healthy homemade hot chocolate

  1. Grab your ingredients

    Pure Maple Syrup

  2. Get a good pot

    something big enough to hold milk and cocoa in!

  3. Pour milk in the pot and put it on the stove top

    turn on to medium heat

  4. Mix in Cocoa and the Pure Maple Syrup

  5. Whisk until evenly distributed

  6. Let simmer until desired temperature

best homemade healthy hot chocolate

The reason for the creation:

Before drinking my homemade hot chocolate I used to buy the store packaged mix. I loved it! It never failed to hit the spot on my slowly developing hot chocolate addiction. But somehow I always struggled with getting an upset stomach afterwards. Something in it just never made me feel great. This really interrupted my slight addiction as I always wanted to drink it but never wanted the tummy ache!

After some regular frustrating experiences, I began to dig around and experiment to see what I could begin to make at home that would hopefully not make me feel so sick!

Now that I have perfected my at-home recipe I have had no tummy aches and double the number of cups of hot cocoa, which in my books is a great win!

I thought sharing this recipe might bring joy to others so cheers to you and hopefully you find as much joy in this warm cozy drink as I do!

OOhh.. one more thing.. you might want to add a bit of homemade whip cream to the top to make it extra tasty!

Yield: 1

Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 seconds
Total Time 5 minutes 15 seconds


  • 1. 1 & 3/4 tbsp Cocoa powder
  • 2. 1 & 1/2 cups Milk
  • 3. 1 Pure Maple Syrup


  1. Grab a pot
  2. Pour milk into the pot and put it on the stove
  3. Turn Stove onto medium heat
  4. Whisk in the cocoa powder and maple syrup
  5. Whisk continuously until the drink is at a desirable temperature
  6. Take off stovetop and pour into a large mug


Just a reminder that milk and pure maple syrup burn quickly due to the sugars so frequently whisking the drink will help prevent that!

Best homemade healthy hot chocolate

Thank you so much for coming by and reading! I hope this recipe helps add to your winter festivities!

I would love to hear what you think about this Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate recipe! Is there anything you would add or change?


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