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How to declutter your home + life for spring

Well, here it is the season of hope, warmth, flowers and rain! Taking the time to learn how to declutter your home + life for spring will surely add to the joy of the season!

I am not sure if you are anything like me but I love spring! It brings me so much joy and freedom! I love the warmer days, new inspiration, the healing, the rainy days, the desire to declutter the home and life, the flowers that begin to pop, and the hope of longer days.

Now don’t get me wrong I truly love winter! I actually have a deep love for every season! The change of each season brings a new sense of life and a perspective on how I get to live through the next season! I also find the change a wonderful time to declutter my home and parts of my life. Generally, I like to take the time to review what is working, what’s not, and what I want to accomplish in the coming quarter. It is my way of staying on track!

The first ounces of the warm sunny spring days fire up a drive-in my soul to begin slowly refining my home and life for the new bright-eyed season.

How to declutter your home + life for spring

  • Take inventory of what you feel like is overwhelming at the moment
  • Create a list of areas in your home that you feel need some TLC
  • Write a list of activities you have been putting your time into
  • Ponder on what you want to complete in the next few months of spring

How to declutter your home + life for spring

Taking inventory of what feels over whelming

This can be a struggle especially if you have a lot going on! My suggestion is to break it down into bits. First, take a look at your commitments. Is there anything there that you may have over-committed to? Said yes one too many times? Are there areas at work or in the home that seem to be daunting or do you ignore wholeheartedly? I totally get it!! I have been there so many times! Sometimes I have added to my plate in many areas and then have become incredibly overwhelmed and shut down ( how not to cope haha!!). Everyone does it differently! However, allowing yourself some time to acknowledge that some areas in your life may be overwhelming allows you to begin breaking down the activities into smaller actions.

I also suggest taking a look around your home! Is there any space or room that is overwhelming? Do you avoid areas of your home? Feel anxious opening a closest door? Take note of these as well!

Create a list of areas in your home that need some TLC

I find that sometimes grabbing a pen and paper and jotting down what house projects I want to complete can help me keep track of everything I want to get accomplished. So grab a piece of paper and just take a few minutes to either sit down or walk around your home writing down everything you can see/think of that needs to get done! Maybe it is organizing the storage closet, emptying out the garage, selling old furniture that is no longer being used or vacuuming under the beds! Whatever it is small or large projects write them down so they don’t get forgotten about!

Write a list of activities you have been putting your time into lately

This might sound like an odd tip but it will help put everything in to a bit of perspective. Grab a pen and paper or even the back of the paper from the last tip and jot down each activity you have committed your time to. These activities could be small or large. A personal example for something that takes up a large amount of time is work. Something that takes up a small amount of time is planning hiking camping trips this summer. Each one is a commitment that uses your time and brain capacity. After writing the list take a look at each commitment. Do they all serve you? Do they all bring you joy? Are there some activities that you dread or fine extremely draining? Can you take any of the negatively impacting activities off your plate? Even if it is just for awhile? I know it can be daunting to drop a commitment for a time being or altogether but it can make a significant difference in how your spring season will go and how your mind will be able to be a bit more free.

Ponder on what you want your spring months to look like

This is probably one of my favourite parts of a changing season! I love to take some alone time to mentally create a list of the activities that I would love to complete during this season! I like to balance my list with adult responsibilities such as clean out the closet with hiking trips, and gardening! This allows for balance in my life even when things get a little crazy! So go and take some time for yourself to generate a list of things that feel good to you and what you want to see get accomplished! I promise it is fully worth your time!

Now here is the reason for all the lists

Take each of the lists and slowly comb through them. Remove the things from them that do not support your Spring season life such as the extra commitments or the home projects that just don’t seem like the right time for. Then take the lists and create small plans to incorporate each of the things on the list that you want to get done! An example of this might look like you wanting to clean out the garage, laundry closest, and continue with attending the weekly girls meet up. Take this information and begin to plan out your week so that you can accomplish each activity. Remember if adding something to your plan begins to make you feel overwhelmed rethink it. Is it still worth putting on your schedule that week? Can it be moved to another week or month? Rethinking each activity that does not feel settling will help keep a sense of calm and stillness in your life!

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I love listening to a sweet playlist when sorting and decluttering so in case you are on the search for one, here is a great one I listened to while writing this up!

I would love to hear about your lists and the refining you have done in your life so that you can live a better spring! Leave me a comment below sharing your plans and changes you have made!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

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