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5 Simple Spring Activities for Families

Spring is such a refresh from winter! It is sunnier, a bit warmer and the snow is slowly melting away! How could you not want to get out with your family! Take a look at these 5 simple spring activities for families so you can gather some sweet ideas for your family!

simple living, slow living, spring, family, picnic

Sometimes it can be tricky to come up with fun family activities that everyone can participate in!

These five ideas will give you some great stand-alone activities that can easily be manipulated to work with your unique family dynamic!

The most important part is that these 5 simple spring activities for your family do not provide you with any extra stress when preparing to do them! Leave the expectations at the door and just be present with each activity! What you do as a family does not have to be Pinterest-worthy! It is alright if things flop! That’s how memories are made!

5 Simple Spring Activities for Families

  • Picnic
  • Bike park hop
  • Nature walk
  • Bird watching
  • Backyard obstacle course
slow living, simple living, spring, biking, family, outdoor

Picnic Time!

Picnics are the actual best! You can do them at the top of a mountain, at the neighbourhood park, the local soccer field, by a lake, the living room floor and the backyard! Whatever works best for your family!

Pack some snacks, drinks, and a blanket and head off on your adventure! You could even play a game two while you are there!

Bike Park Hop

Grab your scooters, bikes, rollerblades, or skateboards and start rolling to the nearest park!

Before you head out check a map of your area to see all of the different parks that are relatively close together and to you! Make a plan with everyone in your family on which parks you want to bike to! Bike to the first one, play for a bit and then head on to the next one! Do this until you have completed them all!

Some pro tips: pack great fulling snacks, lots of water and planned for bathroom breaks along the way!

Nature Walk

This could really mean anything for your family just depending on what you think they are capable of! You could go on neighbourhood walks, river trail walks or hikes into the woods!

While you are out and about take the time to point out and explore the pieces of nature you see! Maybe be it’s the large tree at the end of your street, maybe it’s the fish in the river or the moss on all of the trees. Take time to look at it, maybe talk about it as a family, ask a question about it, or draw a picture of it. Did you notice anything about the part of nature you are exploring that did not make sense, or maybe you have questions about it? Once you get home google it, find the answers together!

This type of walk lets you connect with your family through simple exploration! It also creates a connection to nature!

Bird Watching

One of my favourite sounds in spring is to hear the sweet chirps echoing. Just hearing the birds begin to wake up early every morning is such a joy!

Taking your family to your backyard or a local park to watch the birds fly by chirping away can be such a fun activity!

Check out a library book or pull up google and search for information about each bird! Explore and discover the differences and similarities of the birds!

What about the chirps? Can you tell the differences between each species chirp? I love doing this while laying down and closing my eyes and just focusing on all of the chirps

Backyard Obstacle

This one is probably my favourite one of all! All you need to do is gather everything in your backyard that you can walk or jump on! Spread them out in a symmetrical fashion and then have at err! Jump, walk, and run your way to the end!

The best part of this activity is you can add and change it over and over again! I love reshaping it and watching everyone run through even faster!

Throw some music on to make it that much more upbeat and fun!

PS this can be done in your living room on those rainy days to burn all the extra energy!

simple. spring, slow living, family

After trying one of these 5 simple spring activities with your family, take some time for you to relax and make this little homemade honey face mask and flick on some relaxing tunes!

I would love to hear how any of these activities worked for you and your family! Did you change any of them to fit your family dynamics better? Was there a favourite moment you all had together?

Thank you for stopping by! It truly means the world to me! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

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