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The Best Rainy Day Family Activities

Rainy days can pose a bit of a challenge on keeping everyone entertained! Check out these ideas to stop the boredom!

These spring rainy days can sometimes feel like they come out of nowhere! Especially when they take up all the warm weather days! It can get even trickier when you are trying to think on the fly what you should do to entertain everyone!

These ideas should surely help you come up with a few ideas to get the wiggles out and enjoy your time inside!

4 of the Best Rainy Day Family Activities

  • obstacle course
  • mud painting
  • cook together
  • build a fort and have a picnic

Obstacle Course

Now I know what you are thinking….”I don’t want to have to move all my furniture around”! I totally get it! No one wants to make this any harder than it already is so go simple! Grab spare blankets, extra pillows, kitchen table chairs, skipping ropes, and hula hoops! Little to no effort in setting up or clean up! Get your kiddos to lay all the tools out in whatever format they want ex. blanket, pillow, chair, hula hoop, skipping rope, pillow, and blanket! Then decided what item needs a certain action. Maybe when you jump off the chair you have to land on one foot in the hola hoop, or when you go over the blanket you have to walk like a crab! Change up or move around the obstacle course as many times as you want! This will help keep them all entertained as long as possible!

Mud painting

Yes… it is as messy as it sounds, but hear me out! It can be a super simple fun activity that everyone can get involved in! The mud paint doesn’t even have to come indoors! It can be used outside on the driveway!

All you need is some mud, a bit of water to thin it out (only if its to thick-really up to you!) and some paint brushes!)

Cooking together

Cooking with little ones can defiantly add just that little extra toughness that sometimes we avoid during the day in hopes that things will go smoothly! However, altering your expectations on what it will look like when cooking in the kitchen together and what the final product will be might just help you to gain a more positive experience and make some great memories together!

SO basically my point is is cooking together could actually be fun just remember it will probably be super messy, take double the time and not look anything like the pinterest picture and that is totally okay!

You could try making this sweet little treat!

Build a Fort and Have a Picnic

Probably the ones you remember the most form your childhood? At least I do! I loved building forts inside or out and loved it even more when I could bring in a sweet little snack or meal to enjoy in my new little hide out!

You and your family can do this so simply! Just grab some chairs, big blankets form the beds and BAM! You have a simple fort that has little clean up!

TIP- if you are eating in the fort maybe used closed food and drink containers to ensure no spillage occurs…cause no one wants to have to wash a million blankets and scrub the floor!

What did you think of these 4 rainy day family activities? Did you try any? I would love to hear in the comments which one you tried!

Thank you so much for popping by and checking out the best rainy day family activities, it truly means the world to me! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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