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How to Sew with a Thread and Needle

Knowing how to sew with a thread and needle can be such a useful tool!

To be honest when I was learning how to hand sew as a kid I never really understood the need to use a thread and needle! I mean if I needed to sew something would I not just use the sewing machine to make it go quickly?

As I have gotten older I have realized that sewing with a thread and needle comes in handy! Honesty it has come in handy in so many areas. Got a shirt with that missing button.. the thread and needle are here for it! Or what about that obvious large hole in the crotch of your lounge pants? A thread and needle got your back!

A thread and needle is easily one of the most underrated tools in your home! At least in my opinion! It not only provides a tool in your home for fixing. It also provides a way to extend the life of so much! I think that it is awesome!

What you will need to hand sew

  • sewing thread – same colour as the fabric you are sewing
  • a hand sewing needle
  • scissors
  • pins

Where to get the supplies:

  • For the thread- you can get it at any local sewing shop! A popular place in North America is Fabricland!
  • The Hand Sewing Needle- you can also get this at any local sewing shop! Just a tip- they come in all different sizes so do make sure that the size you are getting fits the fabric! A good tip is if the fabric is thin normally a smaller needle in width will work best. If the fabric is thick a bigger width needle can be more helpful!
  • Scissors- for those just starting out your kitchen scissors are fine, however if you are also cutting fabric it is a good idea to grab a pair of fabric scissors! The blade is meant to cut fabric so it makes the process easier!
  • Pins are for pinning closed holes or fabric together. It holds the material stills while you are sewing. These can be purchased at any local sewing shop!

How to Sew

Step 1

Take your needle, pinch the pointy end between your thumb and pointer finger. Take a look at the top! There is what is called an “eye”! basically the little hole! This is where the thread goes threw!

Step 2

A) Take your thread out and measure how much you need! A great starting tip is the length of your arm! However to much is better then not enough!

B) Take your pins and pin the fabric you are sewing together!

Step 3

Take one end of the thread and put it threw the “eye”. Depending on what I am sewing I slide the needle to the middle of the thread. Fold the thread in half and tie the two ends together. This is the easiest way to get started but is not the only way!

Step 4

Take the pointed end of the needle and slide it into the beginning part of what you are sewing. Example: If you are fixing up a hole you would put the needle through the top of the hole.

Pull the needle all the way through until the knot stops at the fabric! *Important tip: make sure the side with the knot is on the part you won’t be ale to see once you are done- if you are sewing a pair of pants make sure the knot is on the inside of the pant hole.

Part 5

Once the thread has been pulled all the way threw and the knot has stopped take the needle and slide it threw the fabric close to where the thread that has previously come out. While you move along with sewing pull out the pins holding the fabric together!

Part 6

Once all sewed up, inspect your work! Make sure it is adequate to your liking!

I hope this post was helpful! Let me know what you use your new skills on! I would love to hear what you make in the comments!

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