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How to Make Changes to Your Routine

A change in routine can be hard. Keep reading to hear my tips on how make successful changes to your routines.

I don’t want to say it…UGH, I’m sorry! Fall is coming, summer is almost over, back to school season is among us.

Honestly, I actually love each season so much! Normally by the time one season is ending I am ready to start the next one because of what the next season has to offer! However I do not enjoy the people who ruin half a season just to get pumped for the next one!

However, the shift from summer to fall can be a bit difficult! The free living summer provides makes the structure of fall a bit of a harsh reality when it hits you.

So to make the shift in routine easier here are my four tips on how to make changes to your routine easier!

  1. Plan
    • It Can be really easy to be unprepared for the change in routine. I personally feel like it is a great idea to make sure you plan out the changes that are coming. Think through how you want your daily and weekly routines to look like. Create a plan to easily execute them. This way you know what your morning before looks like before it happens or how you want to start your week off each week so nothing is forgotten. Planning ensure that you don’t get frazzled by everything happening once the change occurs.
  2. Know your expectations
    • Expectations – ha! They are something else! I don’t know about you but expectations can definitely get in the way sometimes especially when I am trying to plan out a new routine! So to help manage your expectations try and think about them before the routine changes. Think about what could go wrong, how to be flexible in the situation, and prepare yourself so that you concisely know that the perfect plan in your head might not work out exactly how you think!
  3. Write it down
    • Change is hard! Whats even harder… trying to remember all of the changes that are taking shape! Especially when it is a busy season! So write your new routine down, however that looks for you! It might mean a list format of everything you need done before work, or it might be a schedule with time stamps and all! Try a different way of presenting it if you are finding one way isn’t working for you! Make sure to hang the new routine somewhere that everyone effected by it can see it!
  4. Be flexible
    • This can be hard one! A good reminder however is to know that any routine you create is not set in stone! If it is not working for you make changes! Make the routine work for you, don’t work for the routine otherwise it will fail!

I would love to hear in the comments what tip worked best for you, and what your new routine looks like!

Thank you so much for stopping by this post on How to Make Changes to your Routine! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

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