three mini pumpkins and an apple
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The Best Fall Activities for the whole family

Fall is such a fun season! Here are some great activities the whole family can do!

Fall is such a fun season! The air starts to become a bit crisper, the leaves begin to change, the weather becomes a bit mystical with clouds floating all around, and the holidays are coming! Ooh such a good time! Sorry to those who love summer! But I am excited for cooler days! To wear pants and sweaters! And to not melt every time I step outside my house!

I know sometimes it can be a bit tricky to come up with activities to do with the whole family or even just with your fiends so here is a list of fall activities for the whole family and of course you can totally do these with your friends!

Pumpkin Patch

Every good pumpkin comes from a great pumpkin patch hunt! Head to a local pumpkin patch and spend the morning sipping on some local hot apple cider while you muck threw muddy fields looking for your perfect golden pumpkin! May I also suggest checking out the activities your local pumpkin farm has- maybe pet some animals, pumpkin canon or pillow trampoline jumping are pretty great options!

Apple Picking

Who does not like apples or apple pie? Apples are delicious and they can be made into everything.. apple fritters, pie, oatmeal, cookies, muffins, eaten with hummus or peanut butter or in a cake! So basically you can have a great time picking them with your friends or family then come home and bake them into anything that will surely taste great!

Find a local apple farm and go picking for an afternoon! Try picking a few types of apples! Maybe even a few that you have never tried before? Who knows they might become your favourite! – Good Luck on your hunt!


The higher you go, the deeper you go into the woods, the more likely you are to find the most beautiful fall colours! Pick a local trail and make a point to go when the leaves are changing! I promise you won’t regret it! Check out a local trail with friends or family! Don’t forget to pack for safety.. you know the 10 essentials – just incase! And have a great time viewing all the fall changes!

three mini pumpkins and an apple


Sweet treats and Fall go hand in hand… I’m pretty sure! Pumpkin pie, apple pie, fritters, cookies, and spiced breads basically equal Fall!

Probably one of my favourite parts about Fall is baking with all of the spices! Nutmeg, All spice, Cinnamon, and Cloves. When you mix them all up they just taste sooo cozy and delicious!

So take these cool chilly days to bake some sweet treats and drink something warm and cozy! Like this Hot Chocolate!

Pumpkin Carving

Who doesn’t love pumpkin carving! This is a great activity for the young and old! I love to google characters or designs that I love and chose the one I think will be the easiest to carve out! Obviously I always end up choosing one that is so much harder then I thought!

Ooh don’t forget to scoop out the seeds and bake them in the oven! They taste so good with a bit of salt on them! A great snack for after all the hard work of carving!

Fire and s’mores

Fireside with family and friends – how lovely! Cool evenings call out for fires and s’mores…right? At least thats what I hear!

Grab some cozy blankets, wood, some great seats, a safe place for a fire, a bucket of water, graham crackers, chocolate, roasting sticks, of course the marsh-mellows, and some great company!

Stick around the fire a while! Share stories, laughs and dreams!

I promise this will be a great evening activity that you won’t regret… well unless you accidentally eat to many s’mores and get a belly ache, that you might regret!

Hot Chocoloate

Are there any activities that you think you might give a try? Which ones sounded the best?

What are some fall activities for the whole family that you love to do each year? I would love to hear them in the comments!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and Fall!

Here is a sweet fall play list I was listening to when I wrote this post – Click Here

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