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3 Easy and Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast can be so much fun if you have some great options to rotate through!

I think breakfast is always the best food group! You can have the sweetest most yummiest food item that would normally be classified as a dessert but because it is on pancakes, waffles or in some muffins we call it breakfast– What? Is that just so amazing! And not only that but if you like a savoury breakfast option thats out there too! These 3 easy and healthy breakfast options are my favourite because they always meet my savoury and sweet tooth every morning!

I personally think it is so cool! I do also find it can make it hard to decide on what I actually want for breakfast, and what is actually going to fuel my morning and ensure I feel good all day.

Thats kind of what is lame with being an adult. You have some many options but you have to pick the one that is going to be best for your health over what is going to taste the best! haha

I actually have a really big passion for taking care of my body and helping others pick nutritious food that will fuel their body, so I love having these great 3 easy and healthy breakfast options to chose from!

It is important that when choosing your breakfast you take into consideration of what your body needs! For example if you just worked out well your body is going to need food that will supply your body with the macro and micro nutrients it needs to heal after your workout. Getting in the right food also helps you build muscle and endurance the rest of the day!

Let’s also not forget about how fast time moves in the morning! I swear the clock is always speeding up in the morning! I look at it once when I wake up and what feels like 10 minutes has passed is actually been an hour!

So Basically what I am saying is, though it is incredibly important to eat a great breakfast that fuels your body it is also super important for that breakfast to be fast, easy and portable! This can really limit your options especially when you also have little time in the morning to prep your breakfast!

Something else I like to consider when making my breakfast is it is balanced! Are there fruits and veggies apart of it? What about a healthy fat and protein? And any low glycemic carbohydrates? I know when I have all of these apart of the meal I will be full for longer and my body is getting the nutrients it needs(obviously everyones body is different so eat what works best for you!).

Do you like to eat on the go or eat breakfast at home?

I honestly used to eat on the go for basically every meal, but lately I have tried to slow down a bit more and have been trying to eat my meals at home! Let me just say it has been really nice!

Have you ever thought about eating broccoli as a side with your breakfast?

I know the thought threw me off too! But I have actually found it fun to incorporate different veggies with my breakfast!

Here are the 3 Easy and Healthy Breakfasts!

Breakfast Hash

I don’t know what it is about a good breakfast hash but I just love it! You can pack in lots of veggies, and protein in something that always tastes sooo yummy! One thing that would make this breakfast super easy would be to prep this on the weekend. I would cut up the veggies into little cubes, mix them up in a container and bam they are ready for you when you need to make breakfast! You could also cook up your protein to make it easy to grab in the morning! If you are looking for an easy protein to prep sausage or bacon can be cooked in the oven while you are chopping up the veggies! Super easy!

Ideas for what to put in your hash:

sweet potato

acorn squash










I know what you are thinking… we all know about smoothies, this is not that exciting. However I would like to disagree with you just a bit! Smoothies can be so awesome if you fill them up right! Im talking veggies and fruit. Actually to be exact more veggies than fruit…I know it sounds gross but I promise its not! This is such a great option to get in 2 to 3 servings of veggies and fruit as well as a protein and fats!

Somethings like to to add to my smoothies are:


coconut water



coconut mylk


cooked frozen cauliflower

frozen: spinach, kale, chopped avocado, or chopped zucchini

cooked and chopped beets


frozen: chopped bananas, mixed berries blueberries, chopped mango, pineapple, or chopped apple

half an orange


greek yogurt

protein powder

hemp hearts


coconut oil

peanut butter

almond butter

chia seeds

Personally I think the best way to go about making a great balanced smoothie is by taking something to two that you like from each category and mix it in the blender! Then sip and taste? If you like it awesome! If not adjust it a bit to make it something you will really look forward to each morning!

Sweet Potato Toast

This was such a new idea to me! I almost didn’t try it to be honest! It kind of sounded weird and like it shouldn’t work but it does so yea, you should try it! It is a great option for getting in healthy fats, veggies, and protein simply and on the go!

My favourite way of making it has been slicing the sweet potato length wise in to 1/2inch slices ( okay to be honest it is more like a butchered up slice! To make it easier I will slice the sweet potato in half and then I will create my length wise slices. I then will throw my slices into the the toaster to get them warmed up and cooked through a bit. Some slices might not be cooked fully so just keep that in mind if you don’t like that crunch you might want to cook them for longer.

What to add to the toast:

  • homemade guacamole
  • bacon
  • sausage
  • eggs
  • peanut butter
  • jam
  • hemp hearts
  • fruit
  • cheese
  • tomatos

What I have been enjoying lately has been some homemade guacamole with some turkey back on top! It is so delicious and incredibly savoury! I am loving it!

My tip to make this breakfast super easy would be to prep everything before. Slice the sweet potato, make the guacamole, cooked the protein and have all of it ready in containers in the fridge so in the morning when you are running around you can go ahead and grab everything and head out the door! Super easy and quick!


Okay so I know I said only 3 options but I couldn’t resist adding this one in here! I freaking love muffins like a weirdo probably, but hear me out! They just taste so good and you can add anything in them- veggies, fruit, spices – whatever!

Anyways I would suggest making muffins that have little added sugar and more fruits and veggies! That way you can get a balance in!

They would be a great on the go breakfast option especially if you paired it with a couple hard boiled eggs or cheese!

Such a super simple option! You can even have them for a midday snack or a bedtime snack!

I know that the morning rush can be so hectic and wild that breakfast can seem like a second thought, especially if you are trying to get more than just yourself out the door. I hope that these 3 easy and healthy breakfast ideas help you make your morning routine just a bit easier!

After all those options have you decided what you are going to try having for breakfast this week? I would love for you to share it with me!

You can also check out this breakfast post for another idea and recipe!

Thank you so much for hanging around reading about these 3 easy and healthy breakfast ideas! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and hopefully a tasty breakfast!

I listened to this sweet playlist while writing this post incase you are looking for some music to listen to while you are making these breakfasts!


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