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Gift Guide For the Homemaker

Do you have a homemaker in your life that needs just the right Christmas gift?

This gift guide for the homemaker will help you solve the age old problem of “what to get someone who has everything they may need”!

For those of you who do not know what a homemaker is – Someone who manages the home! That can be anyone! Someone who lives on there own, a couple or someone who has a family! This role can be carried out by a male or female! Though traditionally it has been the female/mother of the home. But things have changed and this role could be for anyone!

Being responsible for the home can be quite the large task depending on how much is involved around it! For instance if you are a family of 6. 2 Adults 4 kids, this role could become extremely busy! If you are a household of one this role may be slightly simpler!

However the size of your family there are still some tasks that need to be taken care of regularly! It can be so nice to use a newer tool to accomplish the task! It can almost transform the moment to something even more joyful and exciting!

But seriously who doesn’t love cooking with new pots that match your kitchen decor? Or using new oven mitts that no longer have stains on them and let the heat threw!

Who are the homemakers in your life that could use a great gift?

grey oven mitt, grey and red pot holder

It can be really easy to just pick up a gift card these days, especially for those who have everything they might need or for those you might struggle to know what they want. However, I think that wrapping up a gift that was really thought out just might be the best gift of all no matter the size! It just seems more thought through and cared about, dare I say a little more genuine?

This is not to say that gift cards are not great because honestly they are! They allow the person to pick out exactly what they want, or to fill a need that a gift could not such as gas or grocery money!

To make things a little more easier here is my gift guide for the homemaker!

Hopefully this will help in making those tough decisions on what to get!

Everyones budget is always so different so check out each idea for a range of budget friendly options!

Dutch Oven

Alright if you don’t know what this is let me tell! This life changing pot is a heavy enamel cast iron pot with a lid and a metal nob ( this is important – otherwise it can not go into the oven!). This bad boy can distribute heat evenly throughout the pot to allow for a better cook or bake! It can be used on the stove top to make soup, stew, sauces and braising meat. It can be used in the oven to bake bread or a whole chicken! The uses are endless! For any homemaker this can really simplify any meal they are trying to make!

This tool is one that will last you a lifetime if treated well!

You can find these in a variety of places! My two tips are to make sure the enamel is a good coating (no chips) and you trust the brand!

My favourite brand is Le Creuset but your local department stores or local kitchen stores will also have a variety such as Staub or Cuisinart!


If your homemaker doesn’t already have this tool then this is it! One of the best ways to simplify a meal is by dumping everything in the crockpot and leaving it to cook! I love it! Basically you can cook any side meal in this! Or even like a full meal depending on their comfort level of using it! I personally actually use it to also make break and cakes!

It is a literal dump and go system! All you have to do is dumb the ingredients in, turn it on and bam! Come back when the buzzer goes off! Which means that no matter how busy someone might be this can really help get a home cooked meal on the table!

You can find these honestly basically anywhere! Grocery stores, local kitchen stores, or a department store will likely carry a few different brands!

A few things to look for: Some allow you to use the pot to cook on the stove top (not necessary but a neat feature!), some have a screen and automatic timer (this is really helpful as it will turn off the cooking setting for the crockpot when it is time but still keep the food warm. Others just have a dial you turn fo the temperature. This is more of a basic model but still gets the job done!

red dutch oven, light pink with green strips tea towel and wood spoon

Oven Mitts

I am sure anyone who owns an oven has a pair of oven mitts! However, a fun gift is to get them a little upgrade or revamp! I am positive the ones they have in their drawers are probably stained and no longer keep as much heat out as hey used to! So a new little refresh can be such a fun little gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen!

You can find some great quality with cute designs at many local home good stores! Or at any department store!

My one tip is to make sure that the gloves are good quality to insure that no ones hands get burned when being used!


Honestly such a classic! Who doesn’t love a great apron! So practical for cooking and cleaning! Every homemaker can always use another one!

You can get the in array of sweet designs that they will be sure to love! They can also be customized! If you check out Etsy they have a great selection of aprons that are handmade, or vintage! Some of them can be personalized with different messages or the persons name!

This is such a great unique gift for anyone who has everything they need!

Has this far into the gift guide for the homemaker helped you come up with a few ideas? If not I have a few more in store!

Hand Blender / Immersion Blender

This is one I wish I had on a regular basis! Haha! Its just such a great tool for so many recipes!

If you are making a pot of soup that you want to become smooth you can just pop this into the pot and bam no transferring the soup to the blender and back risking getting burned.

It is an easy tool to puree food especially if you are making baby food! This will help minimize big chunks! It is also great for making your own sauces like mayonnaise!

So basically what I am saying is if the homemaker in your life doesn’t have one of these this would be a great gift idea!

They are normally sold in department stores and small local kitchen shops for a range of prices depending on the brand you get! One suggestion I have would be to get a brand you trust so that you know it will last a while!

orange enamel cast iron frying pan

Cast Iron Pan

I love my cast iron pan! The one I have is enamel! I find it so fun and easy to cook with! It is great at disturbing the heat evenly so everything cooks great! It is also so easy to wash!

You can also get pans that do not have the enamel on it. Just make sure your homemaker is up to doing the regular seasoning of it and that the pan fits in their oven so that they can easily do the seasonings!

You can find these pans everywhere for a range of prices! Local small kitchen shops, department stores, or grocery stores generally all carry them!

if you are going to get an enamel one be sure to follow my directions on how to pick out a great dutch oven! This will ensure you get a god pan that last a long time!

How many of these gifts from this gift guide for the homemaker have you decided to get?

Which one of these options was your favourite?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you were able to find great ideas from this gift guide for the homemaker that make Christmas shopping easier for you!

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