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5 Great Valentines Day Family Ideas

It is always fun making any holiday a little celebration in you home!

These 5 Valentines Day Family Ideas are fun interactive activities for you and your family to enjoy together! Holidays can be such a fun time but can cause a lot of stress and extra work! This list of ideas is meant to provide fun, simple and enjoyable activities that will not add extra work or stress to your plate!

Okay I also recognize the fact that Valentines day is not a traditional holiday celebrated by the whole family! Nor is it one that you would think about putting effort in for anyone other than yourself and a significant other! I would like to argue that it can be really fun to make small things just a bit extra! It adds excitement into the home, creates a happy environment, and it opens up a door for more connection between everyone! I would almost argue that the small holidays are maybe the best? Was that to bold of a statement?

Anyways I know planning anything extra can be stressful and comes with huge expectations so I really want to provide super simple activities that take minimal time to prepare but allow for so much joy to come from them!

Also! For anyone who needs this reminder: lets not let the picture perfect idea consume what this will look like! Its probably going to be messy, there’s a good chance something will not go right, someone might not be keen on joining in and you might just forget something! That is totally okay! Thats what life is! simple joys in the chaos of life!

Well to save you from reading a winded post on the importance of keeping your expectations checked and the joys of small holidays lets move onto what you really want! The ideas!

Valentines Day Family Ideas

DIY Heart Garland Decoration

Alright so all you are going to need for this are scissors, paper (it can be blank or whatever colour you chose!), tape and string!

First you will need to cut out a few heart shaped tracers, then depending on how old your kids are have them start making their own hearts by tracing the heart you cut out! They can then cut out the heart shapes and decorate them! ( If your kids aren’t old enough for scissors you can cut and they can decorate!) Using White paper allows for your littles to go full out on their decorating skills! Stickers, markers, crayons, pencil crayons, paint and pompoms are all great options for decorating! If you are brave sparkles would be a blast!

Next up take all the cut out hearts and tape them onto your string/rope/yarn! Then go on a little family hunt to find the best place in the home to hang it!

If you have older kiddos you could each add something you love about yourself or someone in the home on the backside of the hearts! It would be fun to read these out at the dinner table!

Here is a cut out tracer if you need one!

heart garland, hearts cut out and coloured taped on yarn

Homemade Chocolate Strawberry Chia Parfait

Cooking in the kitchen together can be so fun and a great way to connect with one another! It allows for everyone to build curiosity over food and gain basic life skills! But lets be real it can also be slightly overwhelming, especially when your kids are little! A great way to get in the kitchen with minimal chaos is to pick a easy recipe! This Chia Strawberry Parfait can be Valentinesed up to make it the perfect treat for your day! Sprinkle cacao nips on top, sprinkles or chocolate chips! You could even switch out the strawberries for chocolate covered strawberries!

Heart Hunt

I might be over excited about this one just slightly! I honestly think it is such a fun idea that is easy and every kid can do!

So what you are going to need: hearts ( you can easily just cut out as many hearts as you want to hide!, or you can use any heart shaped things you have in your home and if neither work most dollar stores sell foam hearts that would be just great as well!)

Now all you need to do is take those hearts, run around your home or outside and hide them anywhere! Obviously make it kid/age friendly for your finders haha!

It might also be nice to have a little treat at the end, maybe some homemade hot chocolate

or a little toy! Something to add to the excitement!

Black scissors, heart tracer decorated with coloured pencils and markers, a range of pink pencil crayons on the right hand side

I would love to see the valentines day family ideas you and your family try! Come back and share a picture in the comments!

Nature Heart Walk

This is a great way to get you and your family outside! My tip is to bring a little snack and a warm drink to keep the adventure nice and exciting!

All you are going to need to do is head out into your neighbourhood or a local park/trail whatever is accessible and comfortable for your family to start looking for hearts! Heart rocks, hearts on tree stumps, heart flowers (are there any out in February? haha) heart shaped leaves, or heart shaped clouds!

You can add them up along the way or just enjoy the experience!

My best suggestion is to stop for a little snack break part way through to give the little legs a break!

Valentines Day Family Dinner

Alright I realize that every other holiday has a family dinner, but I think this one is a bit different because it would just be your household together!

Pick a dinner that is fun and simple to make and everyone is going to enjoy! This will make the evening be hopefully (fingers crossed) smooth!

A great idea while around the table is to have each person share something they love about themselves and love about one person at the table! You could write it down on little hearts and pass them around or you could open the conversation at the table and talk with each other about it!

Thank you so much for reading these valentines day family ideas! Was there one that you thought might work best for your family? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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