1/4 cup of almond flour, 1 egg, spice jars, salt shaker, measuring spoons, grated baking tray and tea towel
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Simple Air Fried Paleo & Gluten Free Chicken Tenders

I don’t know who doesn’t love a good paleo chicken tender with dinner!

Alright I don’t know about you but I love a good chicken strip/tender! They just bring me back to my childhood, but like also make every meal just 10x better. And they are basically the best comfort food item around! These paleo chicken tenders are most definitely going to be able to hit the childhood nostalgic spot!

They are probably one of the most versatile ways to eat chicken too! You can add them to a salad, eat them on there own, have it with some sweet potato fries or eat them as a snack! You really can’t go wrong with that!

I guess the only probably is that one could say is they are’t really healthy when you order them from a restaurant or buy them in store! I can totally agree with that! The ingredients aren’t great for you! They honestly never make me feel that great and there is always little to no meat in them, like what the heck!

A while back I started eating gluten free to help with my stomach and digestion. I missed out on eating chicken strips all the time, haha! Apparently I have a problem! Anyway I went out on a search to find a good homemade recipe but I was never able to find what I was looking for. Most of them were plain, came out soggy or didn’t really meet the standard I had in my head.

So after many failed attempts I began to try my hand at! Im not gonna lie there were a lot of failed attempts at trying to create something good! But at last I have been able to recreate a delicious gluten free, paleo, and grain free chicken tender recipe that I think everyone will love!

one glass container with raw chicken thighs and one black container with raw beat egg

What you will need to make Paleo Chicken Tenders

Almond Flour

Chicken Thighs


Garlic Powder

Oregano Powder



Grated Baking Tray

Two Rectangular Style Containers

Now on to the most important part!

How to Make Paleo Chicken Tenders

Step 1

Grab your containers! The best way to make sure the containers you are using will work is to make sure the chicken you are using fits into the containers with room to move around.

Step 2

In one container break an egg or two depending on how many tenders you are making! Whisk the egg enough to make sure it is all mixed together! In the other container mix together the almond flour, salt, pepper and seasonings. My best tip is to make sure both containers are mixed well!

Step 3

Take your chicken thigh and roll it around in the egg. Make sure the the thigh is fully covered in egg.

Step 4

Next up take your egg covered chicken thighs and shake them around in the container with almond flour and seasonings. Now I know the instruction to shake them sounds weird like what about just moving it around with your fingers – let me tell you that does not provide the best coverage ( I promise I know what I am taking about! All the many experiments of chicken tender recipes I have done shaking the chicken in the mix is the best way!)

Step 5

Time to lay cook these bad boys up! if you are using an air fryer just pop these bad boys in! If you are using an oven put it on the convection setting and place the tenders on the grated baking sheet!

Step 6

Next up Serves these delicious tenders to all in sight! Just kidding if I was you I would pretend I never made them, feed my family something else and eat these on my own… (did you hear my sarcasm in that haha!) I promise I wouldn’t do that!

What do you think of the Paleo Chicken Tenders recipe? Do you think you will give these a try?

cooked chicken strips on grated baking sheet

Are you looking at this recipe and thinking wow yes this is exactly what I was looking for I can’t wait to try them, but then you think oh wait what should I add to this? How can I make this a meal for my family?

I know it can be a pain when you are trying to meal plan and find a great recipe but you don’t know what to add to it to make it a full meal so here are some ideas that we love to add to these Chicken tenders to make it a full meal!

Option 1

Ceasar Salad! I love making a kale and romaine lettuce Caesar salad! It is a great summer option! Chop these tenders ups and sprinkle them on top and bam you have a crispy chicken salad!

Option 2

Grab your frozen veggies cooking them up in a pan with some olive oil, salt and oregano, but your chicken tenders on the side and there ya go! Another great option is to make sweet potato fries to add to this!

Option 3

Soup and Chicken Tenders! the best winter dinner! I am actually eating this for dinner this week! We are having butternut squash soup and and chicken tenders and I can not wait!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you give these Paleo Chicken Tenders a try!

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