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How to create Slow living in your home!

Are you looking for a simpler lifestyle, something that feels more peaceful than anxious and fast paced?

What is slow living? Honestly it is up to you! You get to decide what it actually means to you and your family!

According to Wikipedia “Slow Living refers to a lifestyle that encourages a slower approach to aspects of everyday life.”

So basically that means you get to chose what that means to you! What does living slower look like in your home and for your family? Does it mean that you do not over commit your family to too many activities, does it look like taking time to be closer together in the home, does it mean reworking the weekly schedule so that your family doesn’t feel overwhelmed with all the activities that are taking place? You get to decide what will work best for you! However I do promise if you keep reading I will help guide you in creating a slower life in your home!

These days everyone is “busy” and the culture around “being busy” is important to many! It almost means if you aren’t busy then what are you doing with your life?

But in reality though, is being “busy” serving anyone? No, not really? I mean sometimes a season of life is crazy! As an example going to school full time for a semester, while working full time is a busy season and is not something that can be avoided! Busy season in work such as the summer months, or maybe the winter months because of what you do for work can also occur! It is hard to avoid those “busy times”. But what you do get that chance to do is decided how much of your life is a “busy season” and how much is a Slow Season.

Slow living gives you the ability to chose to be more intentional with how you chose to build your life! So when the busy seasons that you don’t control arrive they don’t seem to be unbearable! And the rest of your seasons can be more of a slower pace!

Now I know that you are probably thinking! Well our families life is always a busy season! There is no slow paced season ever! Well my friend this is where you come in! You get to decide what slow living is going to look like in your home and how you are going to navigate the unavoidable busyness and the avoidable busyness. Not everything your family has committed to is necessary, even if it feels that way right now!

Sometimes it can be easy to be quick to deflect and get defensive because it the moment it triggers something that makes you feel uncomfortable. So if what I have already said has triggered some uncomfortable feelings I get it! but just hear me out! It can be tough in the moment to make changes to something that feels comfortable, but is this busy lifestyle you are living truly serving you and your family?

My biggest tip is to take sometime and sit with your feelings and your schedule!

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I always feeling on edge?
  • Does the home feel calm and peaceful or more like a drop zone you run in and out of constantly?
  • Do my kids feel calm?
  • Do we have time for the things that truly bring us together?
  • Is my calendar full of all the activities?
  • I am or are the kids doing things they truly love?
  • Does the house feel like a home?

Write your answers down on paper – yes actually write them down! That way you can go back and review them over time!

Now that you have asked yourself these questions how do you feel about the answers? Do you feel comfortable about what you have written down? Is that what you want for your family?

Now take the time to close your eyes and dream of what you want your life to be. What would your home look like if it was calm and peaceful more often, what would it look like if you weren’t running from one thing to another, how would you feel if your kids were calm? Would your calendar be chalked full of all your activities? Is there time for the things that bring your family closer?

How would life feel and look like if you began to live slower? If you began to be more intentional with yours and your families time?

Now write out everything that is not fully serving you! All the activities that don’t sit just right, the commitments that are too much, and the feelings that you want to change in your home! This is the most important part because this is what you will take to begin working on to create a slower life in your home!

You might be thinking how do I even start making changes? So here are a few steps you can take! Say No to the next commitment that doesn’t sit right with you, talk to your family about their commitments- is there anything they are doing that isn’t exactly what they love? Pull away from anything that isn’t serving you or your family! I know things like sports or activities have already been paid for so maybe wait till it is over and then reevaluate from there? This does not need to be an over night process!

In the future when different things come up evaluate them as a family! Are they important to you or them? Is it something that can be incorporated into the slow living culture you are trying to create for your home or is it too much?

Be a critic of your schedule!

I know this was a lot of information flying at you! I hope it doesn’t feel to overwhelming! You are always more than welcome to comeback and reread and take notes later! You do not need to absorb all of it right this moment!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! It means so much to me! I hope you enjoyed this description and tips on Slow Living! I would love to know in the comments what stuck out to you!

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