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How to create a small space vegetable garden

Want to create a small space vegetable garden but don’t know how?

I am not sure about you but these past few years have defiantly made me question just how much food I buy from the grocery store and just how much I could start growing even if its only a small space vegetable garden.

I am sure if you are on Instagram you have had the chance to see the trend of everyone and anyone start buying land and becoming homesteaders! For so many that is awesome! But it isn’t always something everyone can do nor is something everyone wants in their life.

If you are living in a big city and working a job that is not transferable it would be hard to make the move to an area where you could have the land to grow rows of vegetables!

To be honest with the housing market these days is it even fathomable to be able to move to a place with a large amount of land?

So I wanted to create a post that has tips and tricks that you can continuously refer back to while you are building your garden!

In the process of making your small space vegetable garden I am sure you will come up with your own tricks and ideas! I would love it if you were to share them in the comments below so that everyone has a chance to learn from them!

So without rambling to much more let’s jump right into it shall we!

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Small Space Vegetable Garden Ideas and Tips!

Know where you are going to put the garden

You might be thinking great, but Kae how the heck do I know where to put my garden! Well My friend I am going to tell you! There are a few things to keep in mind! 1 – pick an area that has access to water and can fit small planters of any size! 2 – make sure you know where the sun sits on your patio, windowsill or back yard (or whatever area you have chosen to put your garden)! 3 – If you think you will forget to water the garden make sure to put the garden in an area you see regularly! Your back porch, your kitchen windowsill, your front porch, your front yard, or your backyard! Alternatively put a timer on our phone to water it (thats what I do!).

What to plant in

This might be the most challenging part for many of you! Others might think this is easy! Either way here are some ideas on what could work for you!

Okay so everyones space is so different and if I just share one thing it doesn’t always help so I am going to share what we have done in the past and other ideas that I have either thought about or have seen be done!

So one year we did not have a lot of ground space that saw a lot of sun so we decided to make wall hanger planter! We were attaching it to an out building that wasn’t out home so we had to get creative with what we did. We just took so wood laying around and made a frame to screw the two planters that we made onto it. Then we screwed the frame onto the building.

Small pots! These are great because they can be shoved into so many little areas! If you have a small deck you can plant different vegetables in each pot and put them wherever they can fit! You can also do this for windowsill space as well!

If you have a bigger style deck a great option might be elevated garden beds. That way they are easy to work in and are portable in the winter months! These can be a lot deeper then a regular garden pots! That could allow you to grow things like carrots and potatoes!

Getting creative now!

I have seen a few people make shift a palette into a vertical garden!! This is such a cool idea however finding a palette can either be hard or expensive if you do not have a connection with someone! Another option that I have seen lately is a vertical garden bed that you can buy from your local garden shop! I ave seen them be circular and also straight up and down. Pick whatever one works best for your space!

garden bed that needs to be worked up with lots of roots

What can you grow

Alright same as above this truly depends on your space and what you can use to grow in! If you just have room for smaller pots you are only going to be able to grow small batches of things that do not need lots of room! A great option would be herbs or strawberries in small quantities!

If you have a bit more room or deeper garden beds great options could be carrots and potatoes! Others might be strawberries, beans, peas, or tomatoes!

If your space is more medium sized or you are growing vertically you could do strawberries, kale, lettuce, beans, spinach or swiss chard!

I am so excited that you are thinking about starting your garden! I know that every space can provide challenges! Don’t let that hinder you and your growing!

Be creative and do the research on what is best for your home! If you don’t get a lot of sun where you live research plants that thrive in the shade! If you have an insane amount of sun all the time research plants that thrive in the sun! The sun issue can also easily be fixed by creating shade with fabric or other plants!

Your garden does not have to be perfect or look like Pinterest! You do not have to get into all the DIY options out there! Visit your local thrift stores, garden centres, and dollar stores and you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for in-regards to planting!

It means the world to me that you have stopped by! If you have learned anything about creating a small space vegetable garden I would love to hear about it in the comments!

garden recently planted in

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