The Ultimate Costco Healthy Shopping List

I don’t know about you but I love Costco and all their options however it can be a bit overwhelming so here is my Ultimate Costco Healthy Shopping List to make things a bit easier!

If you are trying to cook from scratch more often it can become daunting when trying to figure out what you should have in your pantry and where you should be buying it from! I love Costco for this reason! I can run in and buy exactly what I need in a big way! It makes it easier that what I am buying comes in bulk as I know it won’t run out as easily!

Knowing what to buy can be challenging to! Will all of it be used up? Is this something I see myself using regularly? Will this actually be good? Are all questions that swirl in my head when I go to buy products for my cupboards!

Over time I have begun to realize what I do and do not use in when cooking which has helped me to know exactly what I need to buy.

I suggest you take sometime over the course of the next few months to document the ingredients you used most in your cupboards! The ones you used most and a lot of are ones that you will probably want to buy at Costco so that you can have them in bulk and generally for cheaper than the regular grocery store. I say generally because not always is it cheaper at Costco. My tip is to be aware of your prices to make sure you aren’t spending more!

Here is my Costco Healthy Shopping List to hopefully help you know what to stock up on!

Frozen Veggies

This is a staple in my house! It is super easy to use and can accompany any meal! We especially love it when we don’t know what we are having for dinner, or we are just to tired to do anything else! I personally will add the vegetables to a frying pan with some olive oil, salt, and oregano! Saut├ęs them up until the edges are a bit brown and then bam! Done! Super simple add on to any meal even in the last minute or when you have no energy for anything!

Almond Flour

I use almond flour for almost all of my baking! It is a great alternative to flour if you are sensitive or have blood sugar regulation struggles! I actually have a recipe on Paleo Chicken tenders that exclusively uses Almond Flour as the coating! Check it out here!

Almond Flour is also great for add ins when making granola, hearty muffins, or energy balls! It adds a moist texture as well as creating more structure especially in the energy balls!

Natural Peanut Butter

I am not to sure if you have seen the price of natural peanut butter anywhere else but Wowzers its a bit much! Costco has a Kirkland brand that comes in a pack of two for a pretty good steal of a deal!

I love using this peanut butter in almost everything! Actually to be honest I have a large hankering for peanut butter on a regular basis so I make it almost everything!

I love using it in smoothies to add a healthy protein and fat! I like to make peanut butter cups from the Elyse Kopecky and Shalane Falanagan for dessert or an afternoon pick me up! Sometimes I like to add peanut butter to sauces for meals! The other day when I was making Pad Thai I used it in that!

If you have never tried Natural Peanut Butter it can be a bit of a shock as it does taste differently from “regular peanut butter”. It might be worth buying a small jar to try before committing to a large one!

Cocoa Powder

Just like the natural peanut butter I put cocoa powder in basically everything!

Somethings that I love using it with is in oatmeal, baking, making energy balls, hot chocolate, peanut butter cups and smoothies!

I love buying this from Costco because 1. It is a lot cheaper and a lot better quality there! 2. Because I like having a large bag around so I know I am not needing to buy it on a regular basis!

Baking Soda

Baking soda at Costco comes in a large pack of a whole bunch of smaller boxes! This is great because it is cheaper than the grocery store price! I won’t run out to soon and I can move the boxes around my home where I need them!

For example I have one box in my kitchen baking drawer, one under the sink for cleaning, one in the laundry area for washing and one in the bathroom for cleaning!

It is a great tool not just for baking but also for cleaning your home in a cheap and nontoxic way! Check out my post on the many ways I use it to clean here!

Pure Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup is a great natural sweetener that I like to use for almost everything! I will use it when cooking, I use almost always when baking, and I love to use it to sweeten my hot coco!

A good quality pure maple syrup can be a bit pricey depending on where you are buying from! Costco has one of the best deals on it that I have found!

It also comes in a large bottle so you don’t have to worry about it running out too soon!

Pasta Pack

I am not sure about your house but in ours Pasta is a great side dish, meal and extra snack! However, I have found it hard recently to find a good quality pasta noodle! I have recently found that Costco carries a few different types so we have begun to give them all a try!

I find it really nice to pick up a pack of pasta on our trips to Costco to ensure that we have some the cupboard for a fast meal! I also like knowing that it is a good quality!

I would love to hear what you will trying out from this Costco Healthy Shopping List! Is there anything you think I missed?

If you don’t use Costco do you do something else to help you save money on groceries? I would love to know!

Thank you all for reading and stopping by! Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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