How to Create your Own Spring Deep Cleaning Checklist

Do you hear spring and think deep cleaning? Learn how to create your own checklist to make sure you get it all done!

I am pretty sure every adult connects the beginning of the spring season with deep cleaning? I am not sure if it is just something that has been continuously passed down over the years? It could also be because it is driven by the spark of a changing season. The winter season is so dark and cold and spring is a hope for the beginning of warmth and bright!

I personally think it has something to do with the changes in the season! Going from dark to light makes a difference! At least for me!

I know that each year when spring shows up my home always feels just a bit lighter and airier! It is lighter for longer, I can open my windows wide without freezing the the whole home and the sunlight just touches each corner of the home!

I also have a feeling the change of season also lifts up my mood! It brightens my spirits and begins to slowly pull me out of the coziness of winter and into an airy spring! Which I think helps make the idea of deep cleaning more meaningful and important! I don’t want my home to feel cozy and warm for spring, so deep cleaning and declutter helps me create a new feeling – light and airy!

I want to help you create your own home feelings of light and airy! So I have created a step by step process to help you figure out your own spring Depp cleaning checklist that will serve your home and family!

It would be easy for me just to share my list and my go to tasks! Although I think if I teach you how to create your own process it will serve you and your family for years to come! This process will also give you the tools to make changes easily throughout the years because each spring season will be different in your home!

Before we get started though I want to make sure you know that Spring Cleaning isn’t a requirement. If life is feeling to much right now leave the expectation of needing to deep clean your home. Do not create unnecessary challenges just to fit your life into a instagram/pinterest world. The way you live in your home is perfect. How you clean and stay on top of your tasks is great! You do not need to change anything unless you genuinely feel it is time to shift. I do not want this post or season to make anyone feel like it is necessary or pressured to do spring cleaning of any sort! This post is only a tool for those who are needing it!

Here are the 5 steps to create your Ultimate Spring Deep Cleaning Checklist

Step 1

Write down all of the rooms/areas of your you want to clean! This is a great master list that you can come back to time and time again!

Now on that list write under each area what needs to happen!

For example – Living Room: Vacuum couches, wash couch cushion covers, vacuum under the couches, wash couch pillows, dust and wipe down all the shelves and everything on them, carpet clean the whole carpet/area rug, vacuum carpet, mop floors, dust baseboards.

I would consider writing this master list on your computer so you can easily access it each year!

I know for myself I do some of things generally pretty regularly so they aren’t as necessary to do during my deep clean so I probably wouldn’t add them to the list!

Step 2

Beside your master list write down the length of time it will take you to complete the task.

For example beside Living Room I might write – 2 hours and then I generally like to break it down again and write beside Vacuum Couches – 10 minutes, Wash Covers -3 hours (clean time – 10 mins of removal and put back on).

Writing out the time commit helps me plan on what I will be doing next!

Step 3

Create another master list! This list is where you are going to write down extras that didn’t fit into the other list!

This might look like decluttering your closest, decluttering your your kitchen cabinets, detailing your car, selling things you are no longer using, or painting a room.

You are going to do the same on this list as you did on the other! Write down each thing and the length of time it will take you to complete it!

Step 4

Now take both of those list and prioritize what needs to come first! Basically you are mashing the two lists into one! This will make easier for you when you go to pick a task! Make sure to keep the length of time each task will take so that when you do go to pick what you are going to get done you will know a general idea so that you can plan around it without taking to much on or assuming it will take less time and then feel stressed when you are still working on it 2 hours later.

These steps aren’t meant to help you build the perfect checklist and not to overwhelm you! To be totally honest I do not completely follow this step by step list when I go to create my checklist! My home is set up different and for the most part I can see almost everything that needs to be cleaned/deep cleaned on a regular basis so I do write the list and I do add the time it will take but I don’t go into full detail on each space because I already know what’s up!

Take what works for you and your family and leave the rest! Each home and person (thats you) does things differently it this is not going to work 100% of the time for everyone! So be critical and flexible so that when you are spring cleaning it does not over take your life!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about how to create your own ultimate Spring Deep Cleaning Checklist! I hope it serves you and your home! I would love to hear in the comments 1 thing that worked for you!

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