The Ultimate Guide to Natural Cleaning Products

The world of natural cleaning products is probably one of the most confusing! take sometime to review some great ones that I rely on regularly!

Natural Cleaning Products can be such a hard thing to figure out these days! Especially when every label is trying to play off the word “natural”.

Over the years I have picked out some great ones that I rely on daily to keep my home clean! I would imagine most of them probably don’t even come to mind when you are thinking about the array of natural cleaning products!

Below I have listed all the ones that I truly enjoy using and tips on how and where to find similar options! I would love to know if you chose to try one or if you already have a favourite!

The Ultimate Guide to the The Wholesome Slow Homes’ Natural Cleaning Products:

Microfibre Clothes

These are the true queen of cleaning in my opinion! You don’t need anything fancy of sorts just a plain old simple microfibre cloth! I know that Costco carries them, but I haven’t seen them in a while. Your local home goods department store has them! Your don’t need anything to pricey!

I use the microfibre clothes on everything but the one thing I find it cleans the absolute best and curse myself when I don’t use it is the shower walls and glass! I don’t know what that little cloth does but dang does it do it well!! When I am cleaning I only have to put in literally half the elbow grease I would do if I was using a regular cloth!

Cleaning Concentrate

This one can be a bit tricky but I recommend you try a few brands that feel good to you! Having a cleaning concentrate over having pre made cleaner because one I have found they work better, you decide on the strength of the cleaner when using it and it is a super multipurpose tool!

In past I have really enjoyed using doTERRAs’ cleaner concentrate however I have also used Spadilla and have really enjoyed it as well!

The best advice I can give is read the label and google ingredients that you do not know! This way you can learn what is good and what is something you don’t want.

This is also a bit of a test and see situation! Something that works great for me might not work to your standards!

Baking Soda

If you are a new here you probably missed my post a while back on how much I love baking soda as a cleaning product and what I use it for on a regular! But to reiterate just how awesome it is I have added it to this list!

It does a great job cleaning those extra gummy places! My favourite spots are to use it on shower floors and toilet bowls!

Here is the other article on all the ways I use Baking Soda around my home!

Lemon Juice/Citric Acid

The acid in lemon juice can really help work through tough stuck on spots! I like to use it mostly in the kitchen sink when it starts to look a little crummy. You know when the sink begins to look like it has never been wiped down before but in fact you just spent that last 20 minutes scrubbing it? Yea thats when I sprinkle some baking soda and lemon juice in there! The acid reacts with the baking soda and provides an extra good deep clean!

Critic acid is a great add-on to baking soda as well. I like to use it when creating toilet bowl bombs! Toss one of those guys into the toilet, let it sit and then bam start scrubbing! Same as the lemon juice the critic acid reacts with the baking soda and provides that extra deep clean that is needed over time!

Essential Oils

I know that every blogger on Pinterest lists essential oils as their top natural cleaning product! I realize that by listing it this makes me no different than them but hear me out! The essential oil I use to actually clean anything is tea tree oil! I use it for mold removal. Bleach is a common tool to use but it actually dent remove the mold it just dies it white so it looks as though it is gone. Tea tree oil actually fully removes the mold spores that have sunken into the object. This is important as it stops regrowth!

When I use tea tree oil for mold cleaning I mix the drops into a glass spray bottle with water, give it a good shake and then use paper towel/cotton swabs the clean. I chose not to use a cloth because I feel like there is just no way I could wash the cloth enough times to remove the mold!

If I had to chose from this list natural cleaning products the one that was my favourite I think I would probably go with a microfibre cloth! It is such a great tool that can be used in array of different areas in the house! The final product of whatever I clean always comes out so so good! It hooks me back again haha!

Were there any on the list that surprised you or made you rethink your cleaning tools? Any that you might give a try? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Are there any other natural cleaning products that you use? Or do you find natural cleaning products to be a hard thing to figure out? I have always found that sometimes the label can be misleading and can come across better for you than it actually is and for that reason I have tried to narrow down what I use to pretty basic stuff. This also really helps with the budget as well! I am not buying a whole bunch of cleaning products for each area of my home!

Thank you so much for stopping by and learning about all the options of natural cleaning products! I hope you have a great rest of your day!

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