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The 10 Best Free Spring Family Activities

Spending time with your family doesn’t have to cost much! Check out these 10 free spring family activities that everyone will enjoy!

Spring time can be such a great time to get the family out of the house and get a great refresh from those dreary winter months! Grab your family and give these free spring family activities a try to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine!

Spring Family Activities

Bike ride scavenger hunt

As the parent create a scavenger hunt that can easily be done on bikes! An example of a clue might look like “I have 3 slides, and 2 swings, come find me”. Then you and your family jump on your bikes and head to what your kids think is the place! Once you get there read the next clue, bike to the place. Continue on until you have reached your last clue! Sometimes I like to add a little treat or surprise at the end! That can be anything you want! A cup of hot cocoa, surprise picnic, whatever you think your family will enjoy!

Backyard picnic

This is a super easy activity that can be done for any meal! Prepare an outdoor/portable friendly meal! Lay some blankets, chairs or towels out in the back yard, deck or front yard and enjoy!

Having a relaxed meal outdoors can be a great way to get your family outside, change up meal time and slow down with one another!

simple living, slow living, spring, family, picnic

Flower walk

Spring time is known for all the blooming flowers! Get outdoors and go for a walk in your neighbourhood looking for the different flowers! Depending on your kids ages you can make this more or less difficult! You could count how many flowers you see. Take paper and draw a certain flower. Bring a book about flowers and research them when you get to a new flower you have never seen! Or keep count how many white, pink, red, and purple flowers you see!

If walking isn’t your families favourite way of moving jumping on scooters, bikes, or skateboards are all great options as well!

Build a fort in the backyard

This can be such a fun way to incorporate everyone in your family and can also be done simply or intensely! I would say pick a sunny day where you are home for a length of time! Pull out all your blankets, towels, pillows, chairs and tables you want outside and just go for it! Get creative with string and blankets, towels and chairs, tress, rope and wood. Whatever works for your family! Then once it is complete enjoy a card game or snack inside it!

Puddle Hunt

This is fun for any age! Talk a rainy wet walk around the neighbourhood looking for the biggest puddles to jump! Create a contest: who can find the biggest puddle, who can make the biggest splash! Make sure to dress for the activity tho! 🙂

Make a bird house

I feel like this sounds intimidating but its actually not! Hear me out! A Pinterest worthy bird house is most definitely overwhelming, but something super simple isn’t! If you collect sticks that are similar in size and grab your hot glue gun you can easily make a little log cabin style bird home. Also get creative with it, don’t have stick? Use some spare wood laying around. Don’t have a glue gun use wood glue or nails!

Start a book together

No matter the age range in your family starting a book together is a great way to bring everyone together! If you have teenagers you could grab a book that is in their genre style and read it separately or together! If separately you could come together once a week to chat about what you read. Younger kids learning to read could take turns reading to the family or you as the parent could read while they sit and listen (the kids could also colour, eat or play quietly while you do so). After reading you could all connect about it!

Make a park bucket-list

What a great way to check out local parks that maybe you haven’t tried yet! Get together as a family maybe at meal time or Sunday morning and create a list that lives on the fridge. That way anytime you have a free hour or two you can pack up and adventure out to the new park! Bring snacks or a lunch to make it even funner!

Try something new together

This a great way for you and your family to try something new and exciting! You just might find out at the end that you all loved it! A few ideas that might be fun are laser tag, hiking, indoor rock climbing, mountain biking, running, jump rope, or canoeing!

Cook Together

Cooking a meal or trying a new recipe is a great way to come together in the kitchen! the recipe doesn’t have to be hard or anything extra! Try making smoothies, or scrambled eggs! Keep it in your comfort zone so that everyone enjoys the activity and the mess at the end is bearable!

What free spring family activities are you going to try out? I would love to hear in the comments what you loved! Thank you so much for stoping by! It means the world to me!

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