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The Best Mothers Day Brunch Menu Ideas

Enjoy mothers day brunch with these great meal options!

Mothers Day Brunch is such a special time to gather with family and friends! No matter What you do their is most likely a chance food will be involved!

I love any excuse to cook for the holidays! But I feel like Mothers Day Brunch is one of the best ones to cook for because I feel like it is a refresh of the seasons! It’s generally sunny out, warm enough to open the windows, flowers are blooming. Fresh fruit and vegetables are coming into season. I don’t know it just always feels so refreshing and peaceful!

However, I know hosting and cooking from scratch can be a bit overwhelming so here are some great menu options for brunch that are simple and delicious!

Mothers Day Brunch Menu Options


Such a simple meal option to whip up! You just need eggs, a pie crust, veggies like spinach, broccoli, onion, garlic, or tomatoes and a protein like ham, chicken, or bacon!

If I share my recipe before mothers day I will get it linked so you can look at it other wise a super simple way to do this is whisk the eggs, add the veggies and the meat into the eggs. Mix it all together and then pour it into the pie shell!

You can easily make your own pie shell or aren’t comfortable with that just grab a store bought one!

Fruit Plater and Fondue

I mean could you go wrong with this? Probably not.. especially if you use Toblerone chocolate for the fondue!

Depending on where you live grab the fruit that is just coming into season! Slice it up and lay it out for your guests to go after it!

Grabbing wooden skewers for everyone to use for their fruit might be a great option! If thats not going to work just lay out extra forks for people to use!

Some fruit ideas are: Apricots, Cherries, Strawberries, and Kiwis.

Out of season fruit that can be found at the grocery store are: Apples, Bananas, Oranges, and Raspberries.

Omlette Bar

Alright like honestly how cool, easy and fun would this be to do with your family? Chop up all the ingredients and lay them out so everyone can use them! Fire up the stove top or grille and get to flipping! My best advise here is to make sure you hunt down the best omelette flipper in the family and make them be the designated flipper!

Extreme Charcuterie Board

I honestly think this would be such a fun idea! Clear off your kitchen counter, or kitchen table, lay out butcher paper the length of the area, and tape it down! Gather meats, breads, crackers, cheeses, fruits, nuts, desserts, sauces, jams, herbs, and vegetables. Chop them all up and lay it out on the table like you would on a charcuterie board!

Waffle Bar

I mean come on who doesn’t love a good Belgian Waffle with some delicious toppings! Get someone on making the Belgian waffles either during the brunch or honestly before hand! You can batch make a whole bunch before everyone comes over! Stick them in the oven on low (like as low as it can go) and pull them out when everyone is ready to eat! You could have an array of different toppings like strawberries, peaches, raspberries, blackberries, jams, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, whip cream, greek yogurt, cinnamon butter, peanut butter, and sprinkles!

Bring your favourite

This one probably makes it the easiest option for the host! Have your guest bring their favourite dish from the category you want. So for example because it is brunch you might want people to bring breakfast food options. So you could ask everyone to bring their favourite breakfast meal that will feed maybe fifty percent of the guests! This way you are only preparing a small amount!

Drink Bar

The title probably already tells you what I am thinking! But hear me out! Have the ingredients for different styles of drinks such as mimosas, non-alcoholic drinks, Caesars and what not! You could even turn it into a contest of who can make the best drink with what’s at the bar!

Mothers Day Brunch is meant for gathering and celebrating. A great way to do that is with food! Don’t overwhelm yourself when taking on the task though! Whatever you create and share with others will be absolutely lovely because you are doing it with those you love!

A few tips to add if you are the one hosting! If you are hosting for the first time ask others to bring a dish so you do not carry the load of it all! Prep ahead of time! it can be super simple to say oh I just do it the day of! To be honest it might be the simplest task but it can quickly make the day overwhelming so plan ahead and do as much prep work was you can! If you plan on cleaning your home for the event do that the day before! Don’t try to clean and cook all in one can be awful (I know this because I do it to myself all the time :)). Lastly lower your expectations! Whatever comes from the day will be lovely! The crust for the quiche doesn’t have to be perfect, the drinks don’t need extra garnishes and you don’t need to polish the silverware! Be authentically you and it will be great!

Thank you for stoping by! I hope you all have an absolutely amazing Mothers Day that is full of peace joy and laughter!

I would love to hear in the comments what you have decided to give a try! Also come back and let me know what worked the best for you or what you loved eating!

Do you have any other mothers day traditions? Let me know!

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