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10 Picnic Food Ideas that are Healthy & Easy

Picnics in the spring are such a fun way to spruce up any afternoon and meal! These Picnic Food Ideas will give you tones of options on what to bring to fuel any adventure!

If you aren’t new here I am sure you can tell that I love picnics! I personally feel they are such a great way to get outdoors with anyone! You can make it an adventure or keep it super simple by staying close to home! Think these 10 picnic food ideas will surely help make any picnic experience so much more fun!

Adventuring picnicking may look like a great meal after a long hike! Or it might look like a snack after exploring a new area!

Simple picnicking might look like a blanket in the backyard with a yummy snack or meal! Or it might be something like taking a short bike ride to a local park to enjoy a treat!

How you picnic or where you picnic is totally up to you and your loved ones! Make it enjoyable for everyone and it will become a loved activity just as it has for me!

It can be easy to get caught up in what to bring food wise. Everyone wants something different and you might feel pressured to put in extra work. Honestly thought the best picnic is the picnic where everyone feels peace and calm…even you! So if packing a three course meal is a bit much grab some apples! A few handfuls of almonds as well and bam you have a great healthy snack that is easily enjoyed outside!

I decided tp write this post to help everyone fall in love with picnicking and provide great food options to their family even when you are out and about!

These great Picnic Food Ideas can be used in multiple ways however! If you have your activities, kids activities, and your spouses activities to run around to all week and weekend these will also be great options to help nutritious you and your family!

Picnic Food Ideas that will be Great Healthy Options for Everyone:

Trail Mix

I mean could you get any easier with the grab idea!

My biggest tip with this though is to either hunt down a great option or make your own! The pre made store ones aren’t always the healthiest and can be a great hiding spot for ingredients that you don’t really want!

The best way to know you are eating quality nuts and seeds is to make your own! This way if you want you can roast the nuts in whatever oil you feel most comfortable with such as olive oil! You can also decided how much extras like maybe some dark chocolate chips or some dried fruit makes its way in!

Fruit and Cheese

SOO simple! I mean just grab any fruit laying around slice some cheese up and bam you are ready to hit the road!

for fruit options you could do apples, pears, nectarines, bananas, peaches, cherries, kiwi or berries! Whatever your heart desires!

Chia Seed Pudding

Super quick and easy option to make a head of time if you know you are heading out later in the day or the next day! The one thing to keep in mind is that there is dairy products in the pudding that could sour without an ice pack!

If you are looking for a great option here is one I love!


Grab some great sourdough bread and put basically on it!

Natural peanut butter and some homemade jam makes an amazing afternoon snack!

Other options might be a chicken salad sandwich, roast beef and arugula sandwich or a ham sandwich packed with lettuce and hummus!

Do any of these picnic food ideas jump out yet?

Homemade Popcorn

Grab some kernels and some butter. Stick them in a deep sauce pan! Keep the seeds moving to avoid burning! Over 5 minutes or so the seeds will pop into some yummy popcorn!

Mix this up with some trail mix to create a fully rounded snack option!


Smoothies are such a simple and easy way to get in lots of fruit and veggies and your proteins and fats! It can be created into a well rounded meal or snack!

I like to first start off with a frozen vegetable like kale or spinach, stick in some frozen fruit like a berry mix or a banana and then add some protein and fat such as peanut butter, protein powder, whole milk or greek yogurt!

Add some water or milk to the mix and some ice, and blend away!

Put this in a thermos to avoid spoiling!

On the go yogurt

I despise yogurt tubes! They are full of junk and honestly no different than regular flavoured yogurt.. well maybe more sugar.

If you grab some frozen fruit and plain greek yogurt and blend them together pour it into a reusable bag or pouch you can easily make your own healthy yogurt tubes! They are a great easy grab and go snack that has nutritious ingredients You could also put them into small ziplock bags or

Cookies and milk

I mean how could this not be a great option! If you have a bath of cookies in the cupboard or freezer this makes for a great easy on the go travel snack!

Beef jerky

If you are out hiking or camping beef jerky is a hardy snack that will be sure to keep you full! Taking it for a picnic snack is also great! It is easily packable and very kid friendly!

Homemade Guacamole and Chips

Besides the cookies and milk this is one of my favourite options! I love some homemade garlic guacamole with some great chips!

A tip fo picking out chips is just to make sure to read the ingredients! Get the best ones with the best ingredients to make sure you snack is full of great fuel!!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed these ideas!

I would love to hear in the comments what Picnic Food Ideas you have or the ones you tried! Also what you chose to do on your picnic!

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