Welcome to The Wholesome Slow Home! I am Kae

I have a passion for living life slowly with a bit more intention behind it! I truly enjoy exploring the worlds of homemaking, slow living, and wholesome cooking!

Thank you for stopping by The Wholesome Slow Home! I hope this is a place that you feel you can gather to learn, cultivate and grow!

I created The Wholesome Slow Home to provide a place for those seeking support and knowledge on gaining and growing their skills in homemaking and slower living! I know not everyone has a person in their life who is able to provide the knowledge of skills such as how to cook a whole chicken, how to sew, how to garden, or how to keep a tidy home and that can be hard when you are just starting out! So I hope to share resources that not only provide you with the support you are looking for but also the comfort of home when you are learning and experimenting!

Homemaking and slow living are not exactly how they are portrayed in the media… you know just for those who are married and have kids! It is for anyone who wants a change of pace in their home and for those who want to cultivate a different style of living not so similar to what society expects!

A few fun facts about me

I am no expert in anything by any means! However, I think it is fun to share what I have learned or the new things I am trying with others who are also exploring and gaining more confidence with this alternative style of life!

I have always truly enjoyed the art of wholesome cooking but until I became an adult I didn’t really know what it meant to always cook from scratch!

Cultivating a slow living lifestyle was a way to help slow my brain processing down so I could live in a calmer state of life!

The outdoors is my favourite place to be other than my home!

I hope you stick around awhile! I am truly grateful you are here!